Tonka Corporation Chronology Page 1

1883 - 1949
1883 George S. Parker publishes his first game, Banking, in Salem, Massachusetts.
1888 George's brother, Charles, joins the company forming Parker Brothers. The Salem manufacturing plant opens.
1900 Parker Brothers opens a New York City office and showroom in the Flat Iron Building at Fifth and Broadway (moves to 200 Fifth Avenue in 1930).
1901 Parker Brothers introduces Ping Pong® game.
1904 Parker Brothers introduces Pit® card game.
1906 Parker Brothers introduces Rook® card game.
1923 Parker Brothers introduces Mah Jongg game creating a nationwide craze.
1933 Charles B. Darrow of Philadelphia introduces Monopoly® board game.
1934 Parker Brothers introduces the Sorry® board game.
1935 Parker Brothers purchases the rights to the Monopoly® board game.
1946 The forerunner of Tonka, Mound Metalcraft Inc., is founded by Lynn E. Baker, Avery F. Crounse and Alvin F. Tesch in Mound, Minnesota, on the shores of Lake Minnetonka. (In Sioux, the word Tonka means "great".) The date of incorporation in Minnesota of Tonka (then Mound Metalcraft Inc., is September 18, 1946.
1947 Kenner Products is formed in Cincinnati, Ohio, by the Steiner brothers, Al, Phil and Joe. The company is named after its original office location on Kenner Street.

Tonka participates in its first New York Toy Fair.
1949 Tonka introduces its first steel dump truck, the first Tonka truck model

Parker Brothers introduces the Clue® board game.

Kenner Products' Bubble Rocket® sells over 1 million units.

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