Tonka Corporation Chronology Page 2

1953 - 1969
1953 Parker Brothers becomes first game company to advertise on television.
1956 Mound Metalcraft changes name to Tonka Toys, Inc.

Joseph McVicker, of the Rainbow company, introduces Play-Doh® modeling compound, offered in a single color, white.
1957 Three additional colors of Play-Doh® modeling compound are added.
1958 Kenner Products becomes one of the first toy companies to use nationwide television advertising. The company was also one of the first sponsors of the Captain Kangaroo Show.
1959 Tonka acquired Empire Plastics.

Parker Brothers introduces Risk® board game in the U.S.

Kenner Products introduces the Give-A-Show® projector, a product which was to be a success for over 20 years.
1961 Tonka is listed on the American Stock Exchange.
1963 Kenner sets up a year-round New York showroom.

Kenner Products introduces Easy-Bake® oven.

Tonka introduces the Mini-Tonka® series.

Tonka signs a licensing agreement with Rayon Surfaces of Auckland, New Zealand, which eventually becomes Tonka New Zealand
1964 Tonka introduces the Mighty Dump truck.

On June 22nd, Tonka Toys Incorporated acquired a 3 year option to buy controlling interest in Mercury Tool and Stamping Limited of Toronto, Canada, the forerunner to Tonka Canada.

Tonka acquires Mell Manufacturing Company of Chicago, Illinois.
1965 Tonka introduces the Mighty Tonka® series.

General Mills purchases Cincinnati-based Rainbow Crafts, the Play-Doh® manufacturer

Tonka Toys, Inc. changes its name to Tonka Corporation.
1966 Kenner Products introduces Spirograph® design toys.
1967 General Mills purchases Kenner Products.
1968 Mercury Tool and Stamping Limited changes its name to Tonka Canada.

General Mills purchases Parker Brothers.

Tonka introduces the Tiny-Tonka® series.
1969 Tonka had distribution and/or manufacturing capabilities in Canada, the United Kingdom, West Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland and Sweden.

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