Tonka Corporation Chronology Page 4

1980 - 1991
1980 Tonka Corp sells its Greshen Manufacturing subsidiary for $37 million to Dana Corp.

Kenner Products introduces Strawberry Shortcake® mini-dolls.
1982 Tonka establishes Juarez, Mexico manufacturing operations.
1983 Tonka opens manufacturing operations in El Paso, Texas. All manufacturing in Mound stopped in December 1983.

Kenner Products establishes manufacturing operation in Tijuana, Mexico. Kenner Products introduces Care Bear® plush toys.
1984 Tonka introduces GoBots® action figures and Star Fairies® mini doll line.

Tonka opens its new headquarters in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.
1985 Tonka Corporation surpasses the $200 million sales mark.

Tonka Corporation introduces Pound Puppies® plush toys

Kenner Products introduces MASK® action figures.

Kenner Parker Toys, Inc. is spun off from General Mills.

Kenner Products does its first out-licensing with the MASK® property for a wide range of consumer goods.
1986 Kenner Products introduces The Real Ghostbusters® action figures late in the year.

Tonka Corporation inaugurate's Tonka Family Yard playground for patients at the University of Minnesota Children's Hospital in Minneapolis.
1987 Tonka Corporation announced in March it was buying the Ertl toy manufacturing division of Kidde Incorporated for $89.5 million.

In August, Hanson Trust PLC announced an agreement to acquire Kidde Incorporated for $1.6 billion (the sale includes Ertl).

Tonka Corporation acquires the assets of Polistil Generale Giocattoli Spa (now Tonka Italia, S.A.)

Tonka Corp. becomes marketer of Sega® video products in the U.S.

Tonka Corp. acquires Kenner Parker Toys Inc. for $612 million on October 16.

Tonka Corp. introduces the My First Tonka® line of preschool vehicles and play sets.

Tonka Corp. sales exceed $300 million.
1988 Tonka Corporation establishes four operating divisions: Kenner Products, Parker Brothers and Tonka Products serving the U.S. and Tonka International.

Tonka Corporation creates a U.S. Toy Group comprised of Kenner Products and Tonka Products.

Kenner Products introduces Starting Lineup® action figures.

Parker Brothers holds World Monopoly Tournament in London and issues a Russian language edition of the Monopoly game, increasing the number of languages in which the Monopoly game is published to 23.

Tonka Corp. acquires U.S. and Canadian rights to the Trivial Pursuit® game for marketing by Parker Brothers.
1991 On May 7th, Tonka Corporation, the nations third largest toy company, is acquired by the nations number two toy maker, Hasbro Incorporated, for $516 million. Tonka's corporate headquarters staff of 242, based in St. Louis Park MN, a suburb of Minneapolis, was eliminated on September 30th.

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